Elliott’s Natural Foods - Lychee Essential Oil

One of the least-known extracts we have on the market today was an ancient secret exclusive to Chinese royalty. Effective in improving healthy blood flow, Oligonal can assist in improving skin texture in many ways, in burning stubborn fat, and preventing sarcopenia. Oligonol is an extract from the lychee fruit peel, patented by a company in Japan that was intrigued by a centuries-old story from China.

In the legend, a royal concubine considered to be one of the four main beauties of ancient China was known for her love of lychee fruit and would eat pounds of it per day, but it grew many miles from the palace. The Emperor believed her beauty was enhanced by lychees so he sent his fastest horses and best riders in shifts, multiple times a day in a Pony Express-like mission to retrieve them. Today, lychee peel extract has over 30 different studies demonstrating its beauty-enhancing benefits, as well as a few other surprising advantages.

An increase in circulation to the skin can prevent both fine lines and deeper wrinkles and can reduce darker freckles and age spots. Oligonol’s ability to improve blood flow creates a slight raise in body temperature – which may be enough to reduce adipocere fat, the fat hardest to burn. In studies where seniors took Oligonol for better circulation, the seniors still retained their denser muscles while adipocere fat melted away, improving sarcopenic conditions. Many athletes in Japan take it regularly to help with faster and more efficient recovery after training and athletic competitions.

Oligonol can be useful year-round to protect the skin from harsh weather conditions, and during many stages of life to promote healthy circulation, improved skin aging, weight loss, and muscle recovery.

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