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  • Himalaya Promo!

    $54.95 $39.99

    We are offering this promo on Himalaya until we run out of stock! Purchase one large Liver Care for $39.99 (usually $44.95), and get a Free Botanique Toothpaste and a FREE box of Kofflets. The price of all these items is normally $ 54.95 ! We want you to try something we love!

    Himalaya Liver Care is our most popular liver support formula. Clinical trials on the product have revealed ability to help the body metabolize more protein, supports a longer living liver cell, and stimulates detoxifying bile flow.

    Kofflets are made with spices - clove, cinnamon, and cardamom, providing a lovely flavor and warming the throat. Quite different than the high sugar, camphorous cough drops we are used to. Perfect for this upcoming fall season and useful in times of high air pollution to soothe the throat.

    The Botanique Toothpaste is Himalaya's original, and our most popular toothpaste. The key ingredients are neem and pomegranate for ideal health in gum tissue and keeping teeth clean. Free of Sodium Laurel Sulfate, gluten and Flouride.