Black Ice Charcoal Filter 6 Pack


These activated charcoal filter inserts are made of 5 layers designed to filter particles as small as 2.5 microns. That means it will filter smoke, smog, dust, pollen and other fine particles. A 2.5 micron particle is small enough that it can only be seen by a microscope.

The key is the activated charcoal center layer. Activated charcoal will adsorb chemicals, gases, viruses and bacteria, neutralizing them in the pores of the charcoal. That's why charcoal filters are used in commercial HEPA filters. Charcoal is also used to filter water and is used to filter blood in dialysis machines. 

These inserts will last approximately 50 hours of use in a smoky, smoggy or dusty area. Once the filter is clogged with particulate matter, the filter needs to be replaced. However, if you are using it in a relatively clean air environment, you can use the filter for weeks. The charcoal adsorbs and neutralizes germs (like charcoal in a water filter) and doesn't release germs back into the air.

Remove the filter when washing the cotton mask.

The activated charcoal filter features

  • Package comes with 6 filters
  • 5 Layers with activated charcoal center layer
  • Can be used for 30-50 hours (under smoggy or smoky conditions, weeks if just used for germs) The filter should be replaced when it starts to get clogged with particulate
  • PM2.5 - will filter particulate matter (PM) up to 2.5 microns which includes smoke and smog (and is so tiny you can only see a 2.5 micron particle under a microscope).