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It’s a fact: A thriving microbiome is the beating heart of your good health.

The right balance of flora in your digestive tract means trillions of good bacteria are working overtime to help digest nutrients, support your immune system, boost your energy and mood, and much more.

Solaray proudly brings you the gold standard in targeted probiotics designed to work better for you. Uniquely formulated to support colon health, elimination, digestive and immune function, each serving of Mycrobiome Probiotic Colon Formula contains 50 billion CFU of 18 probiotic strains, plus prebiotic inulin.

Our enteric-coated capsules are designed to help the live cultures survive stomach acids and arrive at the alkaline environment of your intestines, where they may be readily absorbed and utilized. Plus Mycrobiome is freeze dried to protect fragile probiotics during short periods of unrefrigerated shipping, part of our ongoing commitment to quality supplements that Let Your Best Self Live Brighter!


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