Elliott's Natural Foods has worked with various natural wellness practitioners over the years and we would like share our favorites with you.

Naturopath Randell Petersen (Dr. Pete) holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Natural Health and a Doctorate in Natural Medicine. Natural medicine is based on philosophies emphasizing the healing power of nature and the body's inherent ability to maintain and restore health. The Naturopathic practice blends traditional and modern therapies. Dr. Pete is currently available for consultations over the phone or through video chat, providing expert product advice and health education. To learn more, visit www.NaturoHealth.Org or send him an email at Info@NaturoHealth.org.

Chiropractor David DeLapp has been a philosopher, non-force Chiropractor, medical intuitive, and health innovator for over 35 years.  He began experimenting with medical intuition in 1972 while studying physics at UC Davis. In addition to physics he designed and completed an individual major in the philosophy and psychology of education. Shortly after he choose to pursue a career in the only truly health-oriented profession available at that time, Chiropractic.  He graduated with honors in 1981 with his doctorate and opened a private practice. Since that time he has continued his research into the effects of consciousness and learning on health. To learn more, visit www.FairOaksHealth.com

Feng Shui Specialist Mary Mieth has been helping people integrate ancient wisdom into their every day life since 1995. She offers simple, time efficient pendulum clearing, dowsing, and sound clearing. Her services can be used in any building space or open land, and can be done in-person or remotely. Learn more about her services at www.FengShuiWithMary.com.