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Hydrogen may be the smallest molecule in existence, but it’s becoming a big topic in the health field. Over 1200 peer-reviewed publications show that it may benefit every organ in our body. Because of its size, it diffuses easily and can be rapidly used by the body in a variety of ways, supporting healthy inflammation responses and even crossing the blood-brain barrier.

Overall, molecular hydrogen functions as an antioxidant to help with “redox,” bringing the body back into oxidative balance. It uniquely works as an antioxidant only when excess oxidation is present. The body is subject to oxidative stress in a variety of ways all through life. Some oxidation is healthy, but an imbalance can be brought on by excessive inflammation, injury, or environmental pollutants like cigarette smoke and chemical perfume, sugars, alcohol, and even electromagnetic radiation. This imbalance of oxidation can lead to cellular aging, disease, and cancer. Molecular hydrogen signals the body to make its own powerful antioxidant – glutathione. Glutathione supplements can be taken on their own, but it is far superior to have the body produce its own natural substance.
Early on in hydrogen studies in 2001, a patient’s parasite-induced liver inflammation was successfully treated by hydrogen breathing treatments. In studies in 2007, hydrogen therapy was shown to protect the brain against injury and stroke, by neutralizing specific kinds of hydroxyl radicals. Since these earlier applications, hydrogen has been demonstrated to help organs recover from injury, including improved healing of skin grafts and organ transplants. It has been used orally to treat Parkinson’s, dementia, radiation injuries, depression, oral wounds, and age-related gum disease.

Hydrogen has been an easy option to study in a variety of maladies as it is easily administered in breathing treatments or prepared in water and has no side effects. Typically, we have to consume large quantities of fruits and veggies to get the antioxidants we need, and it may be more practical for some to simply dose hydrogen in water on a daily basis. However, it is difficult to determine what concentration is being absorbed by the body, as it quickly diffuses into the air after opening hydrogen-infused water, or after dissolving the tablet form into water. Therefore, it is important to consume hydrogen-infused fluids fully within minutes. The good news is, without being able to know exactly what is being absorbed, multiple studies show that using molecular hydrogen consistently shows long-term health improvements.

“This article is for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice. The information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”