Elliott's Natural Foods was created in 1952 by the Elliott Family with the intention of making healthy and natural foods more available to health conscious families. We carry a wide range of nutritional products and wellness items, and are committed to sharing relevant health and wellness product knowledge. Often, our staff members come from a background in nutrition or wellness, and all staff members receive regular trainings to provide you with the best information at hand.

The Elliott's Sale Weekend starts the first Thursday and ends the following Sunday of each month. During this four day window, we offer 10% off of most items. Produce, fresh dairy, Cynthia Cooks bakery items, and items already on discount are excluded from this sale. Some coupons may apply in addition to the 10% off, and some may not. Please consult with management for additional info on a specific coupon.

Each month, we select four different brands to place on sale at 20% off for the duration of the month. These brands are usually vitamin lines, but may include tea, skin care, food brands as well. This discount will not be in addition to the 10% off during the Sale Weekend. Some coupons may apply in addition to the 20%, and some may not. Information on which brands are on line drive is found in our monthly email newsletter and in signage placed throughout the store.

As we are an essential service, we remain open for business. Additional sanitizing practices are routinely undertaken for safety, and shopping in-store early during our slower hours may meet specific needs. We offer curbside pick-up and mail order for your convenience. For a curbside or mail order, please call at 916-481-3173 to place an order with an available staff member. Most curbside orders are ready within 10 minutes, and you can select your shipping preference for mail orders.

Elliott's Natural Foods has a commissary kitchen (ghost kitchen) available for rent during store hours. Contact us at ENFKitchen@gmail.com for rental information or availability.